Adam Hadwin Footage Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving


The RBC Canadian Open turned into the tournament of the year, with Nick Taylor and Tommy Fleetwood duking it out and the whole thing taking on a Ryder Cup-esque feel. A nation ready to celebrate one of their own winning the national championship erupted when Taylor somehow finally found the bottom of the cup from 72 feet. But really, most people are still talking about Adam Hadwin getting absolutely blasted by security while spraying champagne on his buddy. Because, well, it was a perfect sports moment once it became clear Hadwin was fine and doing the Canadian thing of apologizing for having to be truck-sticked.

So we're doubling up posts because there's still some meat left on this bone. First, the alternate angle cinematic shot of the 18th green turning into Pacific Proposal Park from I Think You Should Leave — a place where the happiest moments of a person life are interrupted by savage physical violence.

We'd also be remiss if we didn't highlight CBS' Amanda Renner in the background providing an incredible reaction to the melee.

Point is, this is a rich text. And the perfect water cooler topic after a long, complicated week in golf. Couldn't have come at a better time.