Charles Barkley Refers to CNN as 'the Titanic'


Charles Barkley is supposed to be getting a CNN show with Gayle King some time in the future and he doesn't seem too thrilled about the prospect. Before Saturday night's Stanley Cup Final game, Barkley referred to CNN as "the Titanic."

Barkley told Wayne Gretzky, "Apparently, with this new talk show, I'm jumping on the Titanic. Everybody keeps saying "abort, abort, abort!"

Here's video of the segment:

Obviously he's kidding but the bosses at CNN can't love that their soon-to-be new star is badmouthing the network on national television. Barkley was also on a fellow Turner network while making those comments, making them even more entertaining. I wonder what his Inside the NBA buddies think of this?

CNN's ratings have been in freefall over the past few months, largely due to decisions that got former CEO Chris Licht fired. Wonder if Barkley can be the answer to turning things around.