Charles Barkley, Grant Hill Use Oxygen Masks During NBA Finals Pregame Show in Denver


Game 1 of the 2023 NBA Finals tips off in Denver Thursday night as the Nuggets host the Miami Heat. Playing games in Denver's altitude could be a big story in the series as the Heat will have to deal with an element they're not used to. Apparently that applies to broadcasters as well.

During a commercial break on NBA TV's pregame show for Game 1, Charles Barkley and Grant Hill put on oxygen masks to combat the altitude. It was a really funny scene.

Check it out:

Two former NBA stars going to the oxygen during a pregame show is the height of comedy. They're not playing. It's not even the postgame show. Nothing has happened yet!

I've spent time in Denver, the altitude really is an issue, but it shouldn't be for guys who are just sitting in chairs.