Dan Le Batard: Skip Bayless Needs Shannon Sharpe More Than Shannon Sharpe Needs Skip Bayless


It seems everyone in the sports media world is talking about Shannon Sharpe's impending departure from Fox Sports and Undisputed. The ramifications for the network and Sharpe's co-host, Skip Bayless have been popular topics. On Friday, Dan Le Batard weighed in.

Le Batard said he believes at this point in his career, Bayless needs Sharpe more than Sharpe needs Bayless. That, given his Skip's style, Sharpe has been a great debate partner on Undisputed for the past six-plus years. It will be extremely difficult to replace what he brings to the table.

Here's what Le Batard had to say:

It's hard to argue with Le Batard's point. Sharpe has been great with Bayless and has turned himself into a hot commodity in sports media. There is no obvious replacement and Bayless is notoriously difficult to work with and will have final say over his next co-host.

Also, count me in on Stugotz getting a shot opposite Skip. I'm all-in on that proposal.