Jokic Brothers Toss Michael Malone Around After Nuggets Win NBA Title


Nikola Jokic and his Denver Nuggets teammates are now the 2023 NBA champions after dispatching the Miami Heat in five games. Now it's time to party. That means Jokic's brothers were certainly going to get involved in the revelry, and oh did they. After the game, the two men tossed head coach Michael Malone in the air repeatedly. Just threw him around like he was a toddler.

Check this out:

I've never seen Malone that happy. Usually he's gruff, complaining about how ESPN doesn't talk about his team enough. So, yeah, this was nice to see.

Malone wasn't the only one to get that treatment, as Jokic himself got picked up by his brother:

It's going to be quite a summer when these guys get back to Serbia.