Ringer Podcaster: Phil Mickelson Most Transformational Athlete in American Sports Since Integration


Bill Simmons invited the hosts of The Ringer's Fairway Rollin' podcast, Joe House and Nathan Hubbard, onto Wednesday's BS Podcast to discuss the shocking LIV - PGA merger. During the discussion, Hubbard, who was most recently on the podcast to discuss Taylor Swift's iconic year, gave Phil Mickelson a little more credit than even Phil might consider giving himself. And one account turned on the TikTok camera.

"The most compelling story though, that comes out of this, is Phil Mickelson. And wither Phil, who goes down now as one of surely the most controversial, but now sort of inarguably the most transformational athlete in American sports. He's done as much to change it as probably any guy since integration happened in major league sports."

Tap the brakes indeed. Without Phil Mickelson taking untold millions to trash talk on Twitter could the PIF have ever had a chance to buy their way into the PGA Tour? It is inarguably impossible to say.