Cleveland Guardians May Have Broken A Sacred Unwritten First Pitch Rule


Sir Yacht, a person of internet note who was one of the last cuts for the Teen Roast poster behind Selfie C and Destin Conrad, was invited by the Cleveland Guardians to throw out the first pitch last night. Instead of just doing it normally, he fell down in spectacular fashion.

It did not look like an accident at all and it didn't fool anyone but it will be more content for his channel or whatever he has and my kid will probably be watching it at an astoundingly loud level at 5:30 a.m. on the big living room television.

So good work, I guess.

The Guardians had to have known what they were getting. It's why Susan Ross was against having Kramer be an usher at her wedding. She knew he'd make a scene.

Look, we're far from first pitch purists here at The Big Lead but you're sorely mistaken if you think we're going to fall for some nonsense like this. You can go viral for being really good at the first pitch or really terrible at it. That's the beauty. The only unwritten rule is that it has to be authentic.

Intentionally falling is something one does at a high school graduation ceremony to really disappoint their parents but get a laugh from their two dumbest friends. It's not something to be done on the hallowed ground Kenny Loften and Carlos Baerga walked.

The BTS video should be sick, though.