Reviewing Hulu's 'The Patient,' a Show That Doesn't Require a Bathroom Break


Hulu's The Patient aired its finale this week. Kyle Koster and Stephen Douglas were there to stream it and discuss it. And what better place to discuss The Patient than a podcast called The Big Stream? If you haven't seen it, grab a big cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee and catch up before listening.

The Patient stars Steve Carrel (Michael Scott) and Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley) as a therapist and serial killer. One of them kidnaps the other and forces him to do therapy in his basement. Can you guess which is which?

The show was mostly confined to that basement, but ventured out into the world through a therapist's mind as he tries to save lives (including his own) and make amends with his own family. While some trips out of the basement were unnecessary, the show remained very grounded and realistic from start to the big finale.

Should you watch The Patient? If you're reading this, I assume you already did, so the answer is definitely yes. If you're lucky you watched on a nice loveseat located near a freshly-stocked minifridge.