Harrowing Video of Yankees Announcer John Sterling Taking a Foul Ball to the Head in the Press Box


The New York Yankees - Boston Red Sox rivalry has been known to get physical, but this weekend's series marked the first time an announcer was bloodied. During the top of the 9th on Saturday night a foul ball found its way into the press box and hit Yankees play-by-play voice John Sterling in the head. On Sunday the Yankees released video.

You can see the disbelief in his eyes as he realizes the ball is headed right for him. And then the "OW." The ball drew a little blood, as a baseball to the face is wont to do, but Sterling did not miss a beat, recovering in time to call the next pitch and take fans through his trademark call for Yankees' victories.

Sterling, 84, has been calling Yankees games since 1989. He's probably had to deal with a foul ball or two in three decades-plus, but this has to be the first time he's actually been hit or someone would have mentioned it by now.